May the Fourth y Cinco

It just occurred to me that May the Fourth….or Star Wars Day… is ALWAYS right next to Cinco de Mayo.  So these cookies were the natural result.

I have been up to my eyeballs in cookies, but most of them were top secret, so without cookies to post I feel like I haven’t been cookie-ing at all! Isn’t that weird?  So when I had this idea, I just had to put it together.  They are made on some old iced cookies for a project I meant to do last month.  And all of the icing is on it’s last leg. And I was tired.  So they are super sloppy.  But kind of funny (I think).

May the FourthyCinco | The Cookie Architect

Leia Khalo there is kind of a mess, but seriously, she is ready to flamenco.  Or shoot stormtroopers. Whichever.

Chewniata |The Cookie Architect

This in not the pinata you are looking for.  #chewbaccademayo

Tacos Yoda Loves | The Cookie Architect

The tacos are strong in this one.

Enjoy your day! This year, Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo are the same day. Should have made lego star wars mexican holiday cookies.  Next time.

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