Fun with Cookie Toys

Part of being “The Cookie Architect” is that I have a tendency to do elaborate, over the top, time consuming cookie projects.  You knew that about me, right?  I think of those projects as my “real cookies.” But do I let these time consuming projects keep me from making other cookie projects that pop in to my head?   Of course not.  Does it keep me from sleeping and cleaning the bathroom?   Enough with the rhetorical questions already, Rebecca.

Whisked Away Cutters

I had a good cookie mail week a while back. I received my order of some fun cookie cutters from Whisked Away Cutters, which even included some bonus cutters that I was happy to put to immediate use! AND, Killer Zebras sent me some new and even more improved than her already awesome stencils,  AND I finally bought a Stencil Genie from the Creative Cookier!  Put it all together, and you get some quick and fun cookie projects to play with my stuff and send friends and family cookies.

Hello Gorgeous | The Cookie Architect

With my stencils from Killer Zebras, I got some tried and true designs, like her awesome “Hello Gorgeous” stencil, some new designs she is trying out, like that killer chevron (on sale NOW in her new store!!), and a custom design for me that she and I are still perfecting (“Rebecca’s Lace”?   Still working on a name haha!). For these I used some of my new cutters from Whisked Away, and then I used the fondant I had leftover from making eyeballs (a whole other story, obviously).  I rolled the stencils into the fondant like impression mats, and then used food gels to paint the colors on to the raised parts.  And sent then off for a lovely lady’s birthday, just for fun!  Some don’t love fondant, but I do, mostly because I’ve only ever made my own using Haniela’s marshmallow fondant recipe, and it is delicious.

Lace stencil prototype | The Cookie Architect

Here is a cookie made with the stencil I am still working on- I think I want something a little more small scale and denser in detail- what do you think?

Stencil Genie

So, yes, there are a lot of product shout outs in this blog post- but they are all my idea!  I just went on a mini shopping spree, and now I’m telling you about my new toys.  Like, the Stencil Genie.  I mean, you all already know about this magical contraption, that holds stencils in place while you airbrush.  But did you know that it can make a stencil newbie like me feel like an old pro?  I think I’ve turned an airbrush corner!! Hallelujah!!

I used my stencil genie on the background of this set of “cookie cards” that I made my sister.  Based on a bunch of found belated birthday cards, I think that the cookies tell the whole story themselves…. (PG13 language- so my enormous pre-teen audience should be forewarned).

Oh Snap | The Cookie Architect    Bad Sister | The Cookie Architect  Belated Birthday | The Cookie Architect

Coming soon…All about my “real cookie” sets- Chicken and Egg Pysanky and Blythe Dolls Every Which Way.  (The fact that I’ve got little names for them are an indication of how long I spent thinking about them and making them, sadly)….

Featured in an Interview on The Business of Baking

I met Michelle of the blog The Business of Baking on Instagram!  She’s great fun, and she has tons of great information about being a good businessperson in the baking arena.  I’ve even learned a bunch that can be applied to my architecture business! I was honored when she asked me to be featured in an interview as she is working on branching out to include more cookiers in her blog, which has had a more cakey focus.  Go and check it out to find out all about my favorite cookies, my latest plans, and why I don’t sell my cookies! Interview: Rebecca Weld, The Cookie Architect.

Blythe all the things!!!!

I just got back from the most fun little cookie trip! I went out to the magical Kansas film studio where Arty McGoo was awesome enough to have me on as a future McGoo U guest!

Do you guys know all about McGoo U?  It’s a fabulous online video series that is professionally put together with lots of fun extras.  And the star of the show is the most amazing cookie artist- Arty McGoo!  I mean, I was putting together a tutorial for my mini expert lab, and half the techniques I used I learned from her.  Crazy!!  So you all need to go sign up so you can see her amazingness.  And then next month you can see my tutorial and the skit.  Oh, the skit.  Wait ’til you see the skit.

Just to illustrate how silly and fun it all will get- I made a little present for Arty….I “Blythed” her latest Instagram selfie.

Arty on IG

This was not my idea, mind you!  My amazing friend (and uber-gracious hostess- I stayed with her and it was divine!!!!) Laura of Cadillac Cookie thought it would be funny.  And you know what, I think it is funny too.  I love Blythe dolls, and I love Arty!  Put them together, and you get Little Miss Blarty!


If you are wondering how I did the eyes on this cookie, you are not alone. My expert lab tutorial will go through all the steps, so be sure to subscribe for April!

And if you are wondering why Blarty has a five-head, and no eyebrows, and her head is all roundy, that’s the “Blything”.  Yeah, Blythe dolls don’t have eyebrows for some reason….But they have huge ol’ heads!

And now I am back home and diving in to cookie Blythe-land now!! Looking forward to showing you my next project with all the new “dolls”! Until then, cheers!

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