Chicken and Egg Pysanky

When I was first starting out, one of the first things I did was this set of Pysanky eggs. I did it as a decorating party, and spent two weeks planning my designs, and about six hours mixing icing and flooding cookies for me and my friends. And about an hour and a half to pipe them!  They are still some of my all time favorites!

IMG_5866 (2)

This year, I wanted to do something different with Pysanky style cookies for Easter. Randomly, I have a whole collection of chicken and egg cutters.  So I put Pysanky chickens on all the eggs, and Pysanky egg patterns on all the chickens.  Because that is the sort of thing that I do….  To do all of these, I first hand painted the color, then piped over them.  They are all pretty small.  The “big” eggs are about 3″ tall.  They were super time consuming, so some were consumed before I had to paint them!  I hope you enjoy them!

Pysanky Chicken and Eggs | The Cookie Architect  Pysanky Chickens Angle | The Cookie Architect Hens and Egg | The Cookie Architect Eggs and Chickens | The Cookie ArchitectPale Egg | The Cookie Architect  Black Chicken | The Cookie ArchitectRooster | The Cookie Architect

13 thoughts on “Chicken and Egg Pysanky

  1. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! And yes, if you can’t tell….I love them. Thanks soooo much for sharing your incredible talent.


  2. Those are absolutely amazing!! Stunning! I have no idea how you work and spend as much time as these cookies must take! I am in awe of your work and talent…and your stamina.


  3. I love these so much. I’ve been looking at pysanky and zentangle designs for a current project, but have inevitably found myself going off in another direction for now, but I definitely want to come back to these forms of patterns.


  4. I love that you carried a theme forward. I am amazed by your detail. These inspire me to do more intricate designs and details which I love. Your work is consistently off the charts. Thanks for sharing.

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