Valentine’s Day Part 3: Sacred Hearts

These last few red and white cookie sets were all done very spontaneously.  Typically, I draw inspiration from a number of places, and do drawings, and fuss and ponder.  But I had a mountain of icing, and “needed” to try some peanut butter cookies.  So that’s why I’m coming up with these quick, one inspiration photo cookie sets.  This is me “winging it!”  For me planning the heck out of something, see just about every other set of cookies I’ve ever made.

For my last Valentine’s Day set, I’m veering into Mardi Gras territory in terms of the level of luster and sparkly edible paint!  And since tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, the timing is perfect.  My inspiration for these cookies was Mexican Folk Art – Sacred Hearts.

Mexican Folk Art: Sacred Hearts

I was just playing with the motifs and the feel. These were fun to cut out- I used a variety of cutters, and imprinted the hearts with a cutter for easy flooding later.  I’ve included a process pic here.

Sacred Hearts Process | The Cookie Architect

The pristine white piping always makes me wonder if the later painting “ruined them,” but it’s just a different vibe.

Sacred Hearts | The Cookie Architect

Sacred Hearts 1 | The Cookie Architect  Sacred Hearts 2 | The Cookie Architect


I had one cookie at the end where I reversed the red and white.  I ended up leaving that unpainted (except for the obligatory luster dust haha!) because it just didn’t fit in the set, and looked great to me just the way it was!

Valentine's Day Heart | The Cookie Architect

To see all my Valentine’s Day Cookies, check out my cookie gallery!

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