Hi! Still Alive.

Hi everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve been working on new cookie projects, mostly because I am working on building my architectural business.  But I thought I would keep my portfolio up to date on this website. I’ve just added loads of pics.  Here is a sampling of the projects I added, it’s an eclectic mix. More in the gallery, check them out if you want!

15 thoughts on “Hi! Still Alive.

  1. Fabulous collection! I really love your Christmas present set so much. And I’m shocked that I haven’t seen that blue-toned Easter set – how did you do the patterning? Looks like you had a pen with white ink in or something?


  2. Piped it on and scraped it off?! Ingenious, and not suprising.
    The lovely puzzle cookie, how did you achieve that?
    The Nantucket Doors are fabulous.


      1. I’ll have to look into that cutter, but how did you create the beautiful design? Fairly certain you airbrushed a ladder stencil, after that, I’m not quite sure how you achieved the finished work. It’s lovely


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