Valentine’s Day Cookies Part One: You Make Me Quiver

Well, I never really got to make Christmas cookies, and that meant I had a lot of ideas and holiday cookies pent up inside apparently. Because I have made three different sets of Valentine’s Day Cookies (and counting) and it’s V-day today!

For this first set, I had some leftover icing in interesting colors from my Cookie Tile Explosion set, and I wanted to do something for Valentine’s Day.  I solicited opinions on Facebook, and Beth from Love Bug Cakes and Cookies suggested a pin that I had recently pinned to my Christmas Ideas board on Pinterest.   What a great idea!  So good that I told her SHE should do that one, because… that pin had already reminded me of this picture:


This great art by Rex Ray had been my unused inspiration for Lilaloa’s non-traditional color challenge.  But right next to it was THIS PICTURE.


And this particular image, also by Rex Ray, is what ended up inspiring the motifs of this set.  And because my inspiration is always a hodge podge of things that I am sifting through- I’m not a big “cutter” girl, and I didn’t have a lot of hearts to choose from, mostly I just had these two old tin hearts with arrows.  So I used those, and I pulled it all together with a cute Valentine quote that I had seen that was arrow related, “You make my heart quiver.”  And there you have it- campy, arty earthy valentines, with a cheeky message.

Campy Arrow Heart Cookies



You can check out all of my latest Valentine’s day cookies in my gallery!

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