Blythe Doll Extravaganza

The other day I went to show someone my Blythe Doll cookies on my website, and imagine my dismay!  They weren’t on there!  I was so crazy busy that some blog posts just didn’t get written.  Remember when I showed you my Arty Blythe from my visit to Kansas to be a guest prof. at McGoo U?  Well, these are the cookies I made with the cookies I had for my doll eye tutorial there.

Blythe Sisters | The Cookie ArchitectThe girl on the left is the girl I made for my doll eye tutorial available on McGoo U.  The eyes are made with fondant, with an indent for the iris painted and then filled with corn syrup.  Everything else is royal icing (and disco dust!).  The other girls here are her sisters, made from the other stages of cookies I made for that tutorial to show the step by step.

Every Which Way Blythe | The Cookie Architect

I know this is a random collection of dolls.  My initial inspiration was a big picture of someone’s Blythe collection all arranged in a circle.  I knew I had to create a cookie collection, and I wanted to experiment with different looks. In the end I was inspired to try and make a crazy doll video- to create a kaleidoscope effect.

And here are some of the individual dolls!

Rainbow Blythe | The Cookie Architect

Everyone had this shirt when they were a kid, I think!

Big Hair Big Eyes | The Cookie Architect

This one wasn’t my fave.  But I like her sweater.

Sulky | The Cookie Architect

I love how moody this one is! Such a teen!

Shadow Lustre | The Cookie Architect

Here she is all grown up, haha! I call her….Shadow Lustre.

Blyguy | The Cookie Architect

Everyone’s boyfriend. Or no ones, if you catch my drift.

Bunny Blythe | The Cookie Architect

This little lady looks a little worried about her competition.

Blythe | The Cookie Architect

My personal fave! Her eyes are a little more brown in real life.  Here she looks a little dangerous.  Either way, I love her!

Blythe all the things!!!!

I just got back from the most fun little cookie trip! I went out to the magical Kansas film studio where Arty McGoo was awesome enough to have me on as a future McGoo U guest!

Do you guys know all about McGoo U?  It’s a fabulous online video series that is professionally put together with lots of fun extras.  And the star of the show is the most amazing cookie artist- Arty McGoo!  I mean, I was putting together a tutorial for my mini expert lab, and half the techniques I used I learned from her.  Crazy!!  So you all need to go sign up so you can see her amazingness.  And then next month you can see my tutorial and the skit.  Oh, the skit.  Wait ’til you see the skit.

Just to illustrate how silly and fun it all will get- I made a little present for Arty….I “Blythed” her latest Instagram selfie.

Arty on IG

This was not my idea, mind you!  My amazing friend (and uber-gracious hostess- I stayed with her and it was divine!!!!) Laura of Cadillac Cookie thought it would be funny.  And you know what, I think it is funny too.  I love Blythe dolls, and I love Arty!  Put them together, and you get Little Miss Blarty!


If you are wondering how I did the eyes on this cookie, you are not alone. My expert lab tutorial will go through all the steps, so be sure to subscribe for April!

And if you are wondering why Blarty has a five-head, and no eyebrows, and her head is all roundy, that’s the “Blything”.  Yeah, Blythe dolls don’t have eyebrows for some reason….But they have huge ol’ heads!

And now I am back home and diving in to cookie Blythe-land now!! Looking forward to showing you my next project with all the new “dolls”! Until then, cheers!

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