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Helloooooo Everybody! It has been so long since I last posted something here, and even longer since I’ve updated my Cookie Gallery.  The one stop shop for seeing all of my cookie and gingerbread projects was last updated two years ago. Yikes!  Needless to say it took FOREVER to get it all up to speed, and I thought I would post some highlights here to reintroduce myself and my work.

Who knows, maybe 2019 will be the year I actually use this website the way I always hoped!

Nantucket Calendar Piece
August on Nantucket- Cookie Calendar

These cookies were made to be a part of Killer Zebra’s Cookie Calendar for charity in 2018.  The month of August to me means a trip to visit friends and family on Nantucket, so I wanted to make another Nantucket cookie set.  Since I’ve made three previous sets for this special island, I had a lot of inspiration material to work from, and I found a pin of an old beach poster that was the genesis of this cookie construction.

Black Lives Matter
Resist With Love- Black Lives Matter

With the state of America being what it is, ie bad, I’ve delved more and more into cookies that address issues I feel passionate about.  What I enjoyed most about making these cookies (besides sharing them with some of the activists on Pod Save America) was that they really did spark some interesting conversations with people who weren’t supporting or understanding the positions of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Since so much of the work of changing our racial systems will involve white privilege confronting itself and it’s role, I was glad to try and have those conversations with some of my followers and fans!

One Mixed Up Night- All
One Mixed up Night
OneMixed-UpNight Book
One Mixed Up Night Book

These cookies were inspired by my favorite blogger friends book- One Mixed up Night. It’s a heartwarming tale of middle age school kids who conspire to spend the night alone in an Ikea.  I had never been to Ikea, but I’ve since remedied that! What a wonderland of things and stuff!!

Silent Night
Silent Night in a Bottle

I came up with this design for this bottle set at the request of Sherry from the great shop How Sweet is That? They also come with a set of drawings for more traditional designs, shown below.  Use your imagination and you can bottle up any holiday!

Festive Blend

Artic Animals
Christmas at the North Pole- Artic Animals

I decided that I really wanted to make polar bear cookies, which expanded to include designs for North Pole Animal Christmas Cookies.  There was one awkward phase that included discarding any plans I had for penguin cookies. My fourth grader was not impressed, haha!  At any rate, let’s make puffins happen, because they are the coolest!

The Seed Pack– Hudson Valley Seed Company

This piece was commissioned by the Hudson Valley Seed Company.  It’s art for a seed pack of edible flowers. All the flowers on the cookies are edible recreations of the real edible flowers. Meta! Get it?  You can buy this great flower mix or a print of this cookie at their website!  It’s even part of their 2019 calendar!


Sugar Artist
Sandie-You Can Call me Sweetie

I owed Sandie from You Can Call Me Sweetie some cookies, and when I saw her new headshots, I knew exactly what I had to do.  It’s always intimidating to send cookies to a really good sugar artist, but I was really happy with how this turned out!

Winter Fairyland
Winter Fairyland Collaboration

This was my third major gingerbread collaboration, and this one was a lot of fun!  Winter Fairyland was a delight to curate, depicting Winter from North to South and above to beyond! Check out my Facebook album to see all of the amazing individual contributions.

llauren duca
Llamas for Lauren Duca

Lauren Duca is a writer for Teen Vogue who is writing really great articles about our current political situation. I also love to follow her on twitter. At any rate, I decided to make her cookies, and incorporated her tagline -Thigh High Politics- and a really sweet quote of hers, along with llamas. Because when in doubt, llamas.

angela nino
Angela Nino- The Painted Box

Angela Nino of The Painted Box is a cookie artist I really admire. So I had to sign up for a cookie class. I flew out to California for some sun and cookies, and while I was there I made a cookie portrait of her! I did not make the sweet wafer paper rose though. I just borrowed on of hers, haha!

katy katy
Katy Metoyer- Sugardayne

Katy Metoyer of Sugardayne is one of my very good cookie friends, and not only did she host the Painted Box cookie class I went to, she hosted me! What a great shop she has made for herself, in a beautiful place with her beautiful family.  I didn’t have time to prep for her portrait, so I put it on one of her own cookie blanks!

Snowflakes? Try Avalanche

I made these cookies for my Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand and her staff. I appreciate that she fought for the ACA, and continues to support women and children in her work!

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Last year I hosted a Cookie for Gun Sense Raffle. Myself and a dozen other cookie baker’s donated a dozen cookies EACH to gift to a dozen people who donated.  Check out the other cookie sets here. All proceeds went straight to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and we raised $3500! It shouldn’t be harder to sell cookies out of your home than to sell guns!

My goal for this cookie event was to use a little sweetness, art, and delight to inspire others to support this cause, and was so rewarded by the results!

detail shot 1
Pysanky in the Round

I just love playing with the folk patterns of Pysanky.  Usually I do variations on the traditional eggs, but this time I went with rounds!


Embroidery Hoop cookies. The hilarious Boobs design is by Ellucy Stitches and the Grl Pwr design is from Valeria Molinari . ERA NOW is from an old Equal Rights Amendment sticker/logo, and I made up the other two by my lonesome!

laying flat
Halloween Cookie Construction- Laid Flat

This Haunted House cookie project was what we made in my Cookie Construction class before Cookie Con. Fully constructed, it stood up on it’s own- a 3D cookie array! Love the ribbon tying it together- from one of my class sponsors- Ribbon by Design– she’s got you covered for every season!

Cookie Con Portrait- This Photo made it all Worth It!-

During open decorating at Cookie Con 2018, I decided to do a portrait. After polling attendees, it was agreed that the only “person” to cookie were the founders and organizers of Cookie Con- Mike and Karen Summers.  Mike’s mom sent me this picture and I knew I had to cookie it.  Scroll down and you will see when Mike and Karen discovered that I wasn’t kidding about my cookie plans!

thanksgiving gb house
Thanksgiving Gingerbread House

This house was made at my son’s insistence. His birthday was Thanksgiving day in 2019, and he wanted the occasion suitable marked. He even designed the back side.  The cutter set for this house was designed by me and is available in three sizes at How Sweet is That? The roof was inspired by a gingerbread house my son saw and loved- sunflowers and lace held together with some perfect ribbon from Ribbon by Design. The boys had fun picking out the ribbon design and there were so many to choose from!


snowflakes fall
Snowflakes Fall- Sandy Hook Memorial Cookies

And “when the flowers bloom, the children remember the snowflakes. And we remember the children -no two the same- all beautiful. ” -Patricia MacLachlan, author of ” Snowflakes Fall, ” illustrated by Steven Kellogg, and dedicated to the school victims of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. How many more children need to die? Someone said “It must have taken so long to make all of these.” It’s nothing. It shouldn’t have taken me any time at all.

Happy New Year
Sayonara 2018! Hellloooo 2019!

For a lot of reasons, 2018 was a rough year.  2019 isn’t looking up either.  Luckily, we still have each other! And cookies. We’ll always have cookies.

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