August on Nantucket- Summer 2017

These cookies were made to be a part of Killer Zebra’s Cookie Calendar for charity in 2018.  The month of August to me means a trip to visit friends and family on Nantucket, so I wanted to make another Nantucket cookie set.  Since I’ve made three previous sets for this special island, I had a lot of inspiration material to work from, and I found a pin of an old beach poster that was the genesis of this cookie construction.

Nantucket Vintage
August on Old Nantucket
calendar august
Cookie Calendar Image- August
The Setup
Behind the scenes
Bird's Eye View
View from Above
Summertime Party Cookies
Classy Narwhal
Gold Pinwheels
Rainbow Narwhal
Narwhal Cones
Rainbow Pinwheels
Rainbow Pinwheels
I Scream
Ice Cream

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