Gingervillaggio- Christmas Gingerbread Collaboration 2014

This was my second, and probably last (spoiler alert! I did it again as soon as I forgot how hard it was!), Christmas Gingerbread Collaboration.  My role was to conceive of and design the project, to organize the participants, construct the stand, and set it all up and take the pictures.  I also made the trees and the church cookie.  But all of the incredible cookie houses were sent to me by amazing cookie artists from all over. Pictures and a complete list of participants can be found here.

Gingervillaggio | The Cookie ArchitectTwilight at Gingervillaggio | The Cookie ArchitectGingervillaggio at Night | The Cookie ArchitectGinFrom the water Gingervillaggio | The Cookie ArchitectTop of Gingervillaggio | The Cookie ArchitectSanta at Gingervillaggio | The Cookie ArchitectHI Darth! | The Cookie ArchitectDowntown Gingervillaggio | The Cookie ArchitectGingervillaggio | The Cookie Architect

"Earthquake" at Gingervillaggio | The Cookie Architect


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