Fall 2018

This Haunted House cookie project was what we made in my Cookie Construction class before Cookie Con. Fully constructed, it stood up on it’s own- a 3D cookie array! Love the ribbon tying it together- from one of my class sponsors- Ribbon by Design– she’s got you covered for every season!

haunted house
Cookie Con Construction Class
laying flat
Laid Flat
Pile of Pumpkins


At Cookie Con in September, 2018, I brought a set of cookie blocks for people to play with during the sugar show.  Lot of people did build with them.  Some of these pictures are mine, and the ones captioned were shared by the people who made the constructions depicted. There are a dozen variations here- so cool what people will do with a little prodding… I mean, encouragement.

building blocks 1building blocks 2building blocks 3building blocks 4building blocks 5

ava sweets
Ava Sweets
Bakerloo Station
Lemonnier du Biscuit
michelle tran
Michelle Tran
momma deb's creation
Momma Deb’s Creation
sheer celebrations
Sheer Celebrations
tiffany and cookie co
Tiffany and Cookie Co.

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